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P.L.A.Y. Mission Statement

Prior Lake Athletics for Youth, serves the Prior Lake / Savage School District, to provide competitive yet fun athletic opportunities for kids.  Our priority is safety, skills development, and the teaching of life lessons through sports.

Our program promotes the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, and integrity. We believe learning both success and failure through competition will benefit our future generations.

P.L.A.Y. Annual Meeting -> at Hidden Oaks Middle School 6:45pm Monday January 18th

All P.L.A.Y. Meetings are open to the public - if you are coming to present something to the Exec. Board - please contact the with your agenda item. You will be first item of the night.

The P.L.A.Y. Annual Meeting is scheduled in January each year to give an over view on the state of the organization financially and operationally. Also topics regarding the past year and information on the upcoming will be brought up. 

Each sport will make a comment on their programs and an Board elections and Volunteer honors will be recognized.


Corona Virus Situation Update

P.L.A.Y. - COVID – 19  Update  January 9,   2021

Hello P.L.A.Y. Families,

               To clarify for those that may have questions regarding P.L.A.Y.’s stance on participation under the current COVID-19 Youth and Adult Sports under Executive Order 20-103.

P.L.A.Y. Players, Coaches and Fans must maintain compliance with the order stated above and it’s update (see date at top of document) that is linked below.

P.L.A.Y. Participants that do not adhere to this order and its content can face penalties in regard to participation within the program. Which could be anything from lessen court/practice time to suspensions.

Some may be concerned or not like the idea of participants wearing of masks during practice or play – there are states that have done this including some teams in Minnesota at the HS level for this past fall sports. Many feel while it was 'different' – they eventually got used to it.  Mayo Clinic asks that participants be honest in the affect it may have on them. Many have no issues, others may get headaches, feel a lack of breathe, feel dizzy or nauseas or similar when participating with a mask.
Be sure to understand to take a break if you get these affects. Coaches are urged to give players breaks and help with their adjustments to mask wearing.

The following Masks are approved per the MDH release:

 Face coverings must be worn in accordance with MDH guidance and Executive Order 20-81. ▪ Types of face coverings can include a cloth mask, a neck gaiter, a scarf, a bandanna, or a religious face covering.

▪ Face Covering Requirements and Recommendations under Executive Order 20-81 (  

Please be aware of all the guidelines that are in place.

We all want this pandemic behind us and get things back to a more normal routine.

The alternative is not to participate. As we entered programs this year, the awareness of possible unusual situations was possible. 

We just need to get to the next stage and the participate within the guidance given.

Thank you again for helping get through this situation with hopes of brighter and happier athletic days ahead!


The P.L.A.Y. Executive Board

*To find out more on how you can get involved, contact the Sport leaders of your choice by email - which can be found under 'Board' on their sports webpage.


     TO REGISTER- click on the Blue Bar Below of your sport.  Or go to the sport page for more details.
    Be aware that registrations can end at any point if it is determined that sport or grade level is full and no more registrations will be available
    . We encourage early registration to avoid any late fees after a determined time. We have a closing date to assure volunteers can prepare for the season properly.

    In-Season Clinics or Off-Season Camps can be found on the individual  sports webpage - click on that sport icon (top of page) to see what is available.


    UP NEXT :  In House Basketball - Final word by Jan. 15!

                  Baseball, Softball, Registrations are OPEN!

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