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Corona Virus Situation Update

All P.L.A.Y. functions are canceled until May 19th at this time!

COVID – 19  Update  May 1st , 2020

Hello All –

Sports are important to us, all the fun and joy we get from seeing our child succeed and participate or even the opportunity to parent, teaching them how to handle a loss or adversity. Those are the Life Lessons that Sports offer us.
We have planned and replanned over the past month on possibilities to allow our youth to experience an activity in our programs, whether it be Track, Lacrosse, Softball or Baseball.

We had just over 2500 participants signed up to be on a field this spring. Some purchases were made and all the prep work had begun. Then COVID-19 hit and we have been adhering to the rules of the CDC, MDH , Governor and local municipalities to be sure and make any experience as safe as possible.

At this time we have been backed up until at least  May 26th - but have further timeline restrictions through city and school facility usages. Some of these fields would not be available to us well into June or even the end of June.  The city or district could extend the date prior to that time. Due to Governing recommendations and the lack of available facilities we will be ending some programs for this season.

So, at this time we are going to be cancelling our 2020 Track season K-8th, the 2020 In House Baseball PK - 7th and Softball  PK - 12th Seasons, along with the 2020 Lacrosse Girls 8u and Boys 6u programs. 
In-House Refunds will be set up over the next few weeks. Refunds in nearly all cases will go back to the card used for payment at the time of registration.  A minimal amount may be deducted to cover some registration and CC charges to P.L.A.Y.  If you do not receive it for this group of sports by June 1st - please send us an email. This will be a time consuming process - so your patience is appreciated.

Our Traveling programs are not sure of their destiny yet, so this refund does not extend to those registered for Traveling at this time.  Travel leagues are trying to find ways in which to play to some extent. If the season does go on, as some example,  it may be with players wearing masks - limited number of attendees or No parents/fans allowed at field and with other restrictions in place.

 Things will eventually turn out well and we look forward to you developing your Childs skills during this time at home. Play some catch - work on hand/eye coordination. Work on running properly and just having a good attitude!  We look forward to the future opportunities this experience will bring us and the joy we will get to see our kids playing sports again! Believe this is Temporary!

In this unfortunate and difficult time P.L.A.Y.  hopes your families are all healthy and stay active. We appreciate your patience as we press on with hope of providing our youth an opportunity to compete and enjoy a sport and each other at some point in the near future.

With some luck - if possible and not too limiting - we would look to try and offer some type of Fall program in some of these sports. At this time those are up in the air and nothing is definite. We would look to inform you of any opportunities as they arise.

Take care and we look to see you next season.

Stay Safe and at Home for the time being, as much as possible.

P.L.A.Y. Executive Board

P.L.A.Y. Mission Statement

Prior Lake Athletics for Youth, serves the Prior Lake / Savage School District, to provide competitive yet fun athletic opportunities for kids.  Our priority is safety, skills development, and the teaching of life lessons through sports.

Our program promotes the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, and integrity. We believe learning both success and failure through competition will benefit our future generations.

"Why winning doesn't always equal success"

A nice video that talks to the idea of winning and suyccess.


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