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Corona Virus Situation Update

COVID – 19  Update  November 3rd,   2020

Hello P.L.A.Y. Families,

As the end of the year approaches we all get a little more understanding of the routines needed to stay healthy and try to have some normalcy for our children. P.L.A.Y. is committed to try and provide as normal a sports program that is possible. We are also very aware of our Mission and one of the first points is that of Safety for our participants as well as providing a fun experience. These two areas have been a continuous challenge this year as we look to proceed during this Pandemic time. 

It’s difficult to weigh the physical and mental benefits gained from playing team sports with the health risks associated with COVID-19, for our athletes and their family members, coaches, teachers and others.

Please know that each decision we make regarding our sports seasons is made with extensive discussion, weighing multiple options and the risks associated with each. 

We have given each sport some autonomy to make decisions, because the nature of each sport and the risks associated with it are different. If we feel the sport can continue safely with precautions in place, we hope to do that. Examples of this so far include:

  • Limiting the number of athletes on a team or in a practice pod (baseball, softball, lacrosse, football, volleyball, cheer)

  • Providing face coverings, limiting contact and only competing against teams in our own community (baseball, football, volleyball)

  • Social distancing during practice (all sports)

  • No spectators at practices and limited at games

Another goal during this time is to keep our students in school, learning in person, as much as possible, which is a shared goal with PLSAS district #719. To do this, we must limit the spread of COVID-19.

The district has decided to allow some school facilities to be rented after Nov. 16th. So initially we are looking to offer Basketball to our Traveling groups. The district will reevaluate following the end of the calendar year.  The rationale for this is two-fold:

  1. To ensure the necessary cleaning and disinfecting protocols can be met, and that facilities are ready for student learning and use during the school day.

  2. To keep kids in just one building—the one where they attend school. While our philosophy of forming teams across schools is great for building community, it does create more opportunity for larger spread of COVID-19 between students at different schools. 

You will continue to receive updates from your sport’s leadership about how this impacts your upcoming season. We are open to ideas and suggestions—visit to find your sport’s board contacts. We’re currently exploring many options to safely continue as many of our sports as possible.

In some situations our numbers for a sport and facility availability may dictate to what levels of competition and ages we may be able to currently provide an opportunity to participate. 

As we look to begin Basketball, all need to understand there will be limitations for number of people allowed indoors on courts.  This will likely limit the number of participants or grade offerings we may actually be able to provide going forth. Our hope is to begin In House Registrations in late November , in order to prepare for allowance to use facilities after as we get to 2021.  A situation may arise where we can not provide a season. We ask for your understanding if you have registered in anticipation of a season.

Going forward we look to restart a Tennis offering along with our normal programs come spring, so look for more information and registrations in mid to late January. 

Volunteers welcome. There are many levels of assistance that sports can  connect you to be involved - be sure to connect with those sports to get involved as we begin planning for next spring!

Thank you for your continued support of P.L.A.Y. We are run entirely by volunteers in our community, and are grateful for the time and energy they’re putting in to make tough decisions and find creative ways to play sports safely.
We’re all in this together, and we’ll make it through!


The P.L.A.Y. Executive Board

*To find out more on how you can get involved, contact the Sport leaders of your choice by email - which can be found under 'Board' on their sports webpage.

P.L.A.Y. Mission Statement

Prior Lake Athletics for Youth, serves the Prior Lake / Savage School District, to provide competitive yet fun athletic opportunities for kids.  Our priority is safety, skills development, and the teaching of life lessons through sports.

Our program promotes the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, and integrity. We believe learning both success and failure through competition will benefit our future generations.


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    In-Season Clinics or Off-Season Camps can be found on the individual  sports webpage - click on that sport icon (top of page) to see what is available.


    UP NEXT : 

    Due to the unknown with COVID-19, we have temporarily delayed our BASKETBALL Registrations. And note the registration window will not be as long as it has been in the past.  We hope to begin offering registrations in late November/early December for a limited In house season - that we hope can operate in Jan. & Feb. 2021.

    There are deadlines for each sport and the level of competition. Be sure to go to the Sports Page of interest and check it out the latest details!

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