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Player Health and Safety

Health and Safety are our First Priority

 In youth sports, it's easy for a young player to get so caught up in the moment and lose sight of the importance of overall health and safety.  From simple bumps and bruises to serious life-threatening situations, our goal is to ensure that all of our youth athletes enjoy the sport, and enjoy it as safely as possible.  This page covers all the basics, from severe weather situations to serious medical issues, and is a resource for players, parents, and coaches for all of our sports.


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    Featured Media

    Check out this recent segment from local TV station KARE 11 as part of their ongoing series on Concussions. For more Concussion information, check out these links:

    Concussion Awareness Quiz

    Watch the video training and then login to the PLAY website to register your information. Be sure to make a copy of completing the course with getting a copy of certificate. If you do not have a Cert . #, write in CDC Heads Up. Thanks for taking this important step in being an Aware You Coach.

    Other Resources

    “A Guide to Safety for Young Athletes”


    “Extreme Sports Safety Guide”

    How do I know if facilities are closed?


    **SAFETY SHOULD BE CONSIDERED BY ALL! It is your choice!


    Gym Closure - Check for announcements on local TV or Radio.
    Gyms will be open unless school has been cancelled for the day or they were let out early and evening events cancelled.

    Games/Practices will be on - * If the school day was completed - but after school, 'school' activities were cancelled - there will still possibly  be P.L.A.Y. practices.
    However - if it is cancelled a notation above this will be posted or you can contact your coach to confirm. On Saturday's - closures will be posted on the In-House Basketball webpage or contact your coach for confirmation.


    If there is lightning visible at the event -P.L.A.Y. uses the same criteria as the Minnesota State High School League, an event should be postponed immediately for at least 30 minutes after the last visible lightning. Or can be cancelled by the coach’s agreement. Umpire should call postponement or cancel event when Lightning is seen. All fans and participants should Seek shelter or return to their vehicle.

    If there is a posted sign at the complex, the field is closed. Any team found participating on a close field will have penalties. 

    To find out if fields are closed you can call this Field information number @ (952) 447-9825. This usually will be announced by 4:30pm if the weather is active during the daytime hours. If weather continues or comes later than 4:30pm it will be up to the coaches to cancel or try to play on. Closings are also announced when possible on the website general or the calendar.


    Remember to always play it safe - if you are uncomfortable to go out in the weather - just notify your coach that your child will not be able to attend due to the weather.



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