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Volleyball Board

Dana Domagalski

VP of Volleyball

Lindsy Wilkerson

Executive Vice President of Fall / Winter Sports

Travel Board

Cecelia Phillips

Director of Travel Volleyball

Maggie daSilva

Lead Travel Coach

Leilani Lee

Equipment Coordinator

Cheryl Beck

Uniform Coordinator

In-House Board

Open Position

Director of In-House Volleyball

Lora Schwalbe

Age Level Coordinator 3rd-5th Grade

Open Position

Age Level Coordinator 6th-8th Grade

VP of Volleyball  - Dana Domagalski

Travel Director- Cecelia Phillips

Travel Lead Coach & Instructor - Maggie daSilva

In-House Director - Open

In-House Coordinator for 3rd-5th grade - Lora Schwalbe

In-House Coordinator for 6th-8th grade - Open

In-House Lead Coach K-1st grade - Open

In-House Lead Coach 2nd grade - Hillary Slama

In-House Skills & Practice Instructor 3rd-5th - Open

In-House Skills & Practice Instructor 6th-8th - Ben Furuseth

Equipment Coordinator - Leilani Lee

Uniform Coordinator - Cheryl Beck

Website Coordinator - Brian Domagalski

For information on these Volleyball positions contact Dana Domagalski at .