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Steps to Becoming a P.L.A.Y. Coach

1. Register to be a Coach

Each Season you need to register in order to coach.

2. Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Act Understanding

The Sex Abuse and Safe Sport Act

This is required by Law to be read and understood by all that Coach , Administrate or Volunteer in a setting that has contact with youth athletes.

You Must read this document and will be reviewed at the upcoming PCA session to confirm that you  have been made aware of the steps taken to protect the youth involved in Sports.

Steps for recognizing and reporting abusive situations


Click on document below to open, if you have any questions please contact the Admin. Director or other Exec. Board member of information.

3. Complete a Background Check

This is required every two years!

*Open the Document to the lower right to find your name and status.*

Those in yellow - it is time to renew.
Not listed ! .. It is time to complete the link questionnaire.

When it is recognized that you have not completed this -you will be removed from coaching - until resolved.


Check the document below for your name

If your name has a yellow highlighted date next to it or it is not seen - you must complete a Background Check to Coach.

4. Attend a PCA or I.M.P.A.C.T. Meeting

This must be completed at least once per year. 
See start of (season designation) and PCA/IMPACT session time noted here.  All those Coaching 3rd Grade and above.

Compliance Timelines:  
Spring/Summer Sports (May 1st) must have had class since August. 1st  of previous year!
Fall Sports - (Sept. 1) must have had class since Nov.  1st of that year!
Winter (Basketball) - (Nov. 1st) must have had class since Jan. 1st!

See the list of those that have this completed by date-  on right side document.

Needs to be completed prior to being able to be a Head Coach.
If your name is not there - you did not attend and sign in as instructed.

Ages PK - 2nd =Not Required, but open to those Coaches as they  may attend.

All Head Coaches In-House and Traveling Head & Asst for Traveling

Coaches that ARE CURRENT in PCA/IMPACT attendance

The coaches on the list of the document to the right have completed their PCA requirement in late 2017 or 2018 and are OK'd  for Spring / Summer season.                        .....................

2018 PCA Certification Classes

  *  WED. FEB. 28th - 7:30pm - PL City Hall - 60 seats are available  - Mastery of Positive Coaching - an advanced presentation on connecting with players and higher performance through Positive Coaching -

  • Wed, March 7th  - IMPACT/PCA  Meeting, PL City Hall, 6:30
    * The ROOTS of Positive Coaching

  • Wed, April 11th   - IMPACT/PCA  Meeting, PL City Hall, 6:30
    * The ROOTS of Positive Coaching

  • Sunday May 20th - IMPACT / PCA Meeting 7pm @PLHS Lecture Hall

  • Wed.  August 15th - IMPACT / PCA Meeting  7:30 pm PL City Hall

  • Sunday - August 19th IMPACT/PCA Meeting  7pm PL City Hall

  • Wed. August 29th  IMPACT / PCA     - 7pm PL CITY HALL

  • Sunday Oct. 14th   IMPACT/PCA Meeting -  7pm at PL District Service Center

  • Monday. Oct. 22nd   IMPACT / PCA Meeting - 7 pm at PLHS Lecture Hall - enter doors from the North side of HS

  • Wed. Nov. 14th IMPACT / PCA  - 6 pm at PL City Hall Parkview Room

    THIS CONCLUDES 2018 PCA Sessions until FEBRUARY '19

5. Complete a Concussion Cert Quiz

This Must be completed every two years -
It is a State Law to have this Certification if you are a coach of youth sports in Minnesota


All organizations will require you have your document with you when you apply or attend State Tournaments.

This is a self administered program - failure to due this and put a PLAY team in jeopardy will result in being removed from Coaching in P.L.A.Y. INDEFINETLY.

Only Coaches with this document are to be allowed on the bench.


Check for your name and date of completion to the right --------->

THEN Download Certificate to: Concussion Proof of Certification

This way P.L.A.Y. can verify for you IF YOU do not have it on you.

Complete every two years - your date must go through the end of that seasonal sport.  If you do an extended season or off-season program make sure your cert. is up to date!

Example: If completed as of11/1/16 - good through 11/1/18

Those listed in the document below were good going into the current season.

Each Sport will offer Coaching information and instructions

6.. Look for your Sports Coaching Clinics / Meeting dates

Team Assignments are done by the Age Group Coordinator for In House &
Traveling Coaches are Chosen after Tryout Results by Committee of the VP of the Sport / Traveling Director / Asst. Travel Director and use of the Age Coordinator as a resource along with previous year information.

Honor the Coaching Position

By Adhering to the Code of Conduct and the Coaches Pledge !

Thanks for your commitment to the Youth of Prior Lake.