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  • Traveling teams will play 8 - 10 tournaments from mid-November through early March and practice 2 -3 times per week. 
  • The remaining 50% of registration fee will be due October 17th. 
  • The increase in the P.L.A.Y. registration fees are due to the increased cost of registering for other association’s tournaments. 
  • Most youth basketball associations have gone to a “No-Gate” model, in which they do not charge an admission fee for spectators to attend their tournament. 
  • Under the “No Gate” model, associations have increased their registration fees significantly to replace the admissions revenue.
  • Families will incur a higher registration fee from P.L.A.Y. but will pay less out of pocket when attending the basketball tournaments this winter.
  • NOTE: There will be a few tournaments that still charge admission fees.  We will try to notify you ahead of time if admission will be charged.