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Jeremy Goltz

Boys Summer Lacrosse 14U Grey Coach

Phone: 952-484-3906

Carter Collins

Boys Summer Lacrosse 14U Grey Coach

Phone: 952-500-2458

Dana Liddle

Team Manager

Phone: 612-812-7253



Please have your players to the field 15 minutes before practice start time.  This will allow the team to practice for the full 90 minutes. 


Game Volunteer Schedule

YLM Schedule/Calendar has been released!  SportsEngine has been updated.

The volunteer schedule for games is below. If you have a conflict, please find your own replacement.

Parent Meeting

Parent Meeting Summary

* This is a "A" team, attendance is REQUIRED. Unexcused absences will result in the following:

1 - 3 unexcused absence = sitting for a quarter for each missed practice

Missing a week of practices = sitting a game.  Attendance to the game is still required. If missing a full week where a game is included, that game will count as the game that would have been sat.

Excused absences - drivers ed, illness, family emergency, injury, church functions, etc. 

Missing practice/game for another sporting event is NOT an excused absence.

The goal is to get the kids to develop as a team, practices will help with this.  The above is not to penalize the kids that miss, but to reward those that are consistently at practice and working as a team. 

Please have the boys communicate to coaches if they will be missing items, confirmation from parents is acceptable as well. 

* Playing time in the regular season will be as even as possible, there may be some exceptions in the last quarter of play. 

* Playoff time we play to win, which means some particular players may get additional time when needed. 

* Coaches would like the players to all games 1 hour before game time. 

* If your players need their restringing - both Coach Jeremy and Coach Carter can do it.