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Summer Basketball Camps

Summer Basketball Camps 2018

Summer Camp information for 2018 will be updated as we receive the information from the Varsity Staffs and others.  The information listed on this page will give you an idea of what basketball opportunities there are in the Prior Lake Basketball Community.


There are many opportunities for the youth involved in P.L.A.Y. Basketball to improve their skills over the summer months. The off season is a great time for kids to improve their game. We receive a lot of requests from parents asking what their kids can do over the summer to get better. 

Here are some links to camps and clinics that we feel will help your children improve this summer, many of which are offered in Prior Lake.  
7th Annual Shot Club
See link on the left for more details
Prior Lake Varsity Basketball Camps:
Girls Varsity Camp - Coach Mike Gidley and staff

2018 Girls' Camp Information/Laker Performance info coming soon- Please check back

Please join Coach Mike Gidley and his staff and players for a camp!

Head Coach: Mike Gidley:   Phone: 612-964-7863   




Boys Varsity Camp - Coach Bob Schweim & staff


Register at



Level:  Grades 3-6 & Grades 7-10

Date(s):  June 11-15 2018

Time(s):  Grades 3-6 from 1:00-2:30 and Grades 7-10 from 2:45-4:30

Cost:  $110

More Info:  The most important of all camps, the fundamentals camp will focus on the basic terminology and skills we use in our boys basketball program. Dribbling, footwork, correct shooting form, passing, rebounding and defense will be prioritized. Campers will play fun 3 on 3, 2 on 2, and 5 on 5 games and work through intense station drills with individual coaches.

Registration Link:


Level:  Grades 3-6 & Grades 7-10

Date(s):  June 18-21 2018

Time(s):  Grades 3-6 from 1:00-2:30 and Grades 7-10 from 2:45-4:30

Cost:  $110

More Info:  In this 4 day week,, campers will work solely on scoring moves, offensive play, and shooting. Station work focuses on ball handling, footwork with the ball in hand, as well as work "off the ball". Campers will learn basic learn how to get themselves as well as teammates open, and to understand what quality shots and sets look like. Your son will not come home with poor shooting habits! Players will be recognized and awarded every day for fundamentally applying our basics. Finally, they'll engage in a competitive 3 on 3 tournament Thursday.

Registration Link:


Level:  Grades 3-6 & Grades 7-10

Date(s):  June 25 - 29 2018

Time(s):  Grades 3-6 from 1:00-2:30 and Grades 7-10 from 2:45-4:30

Cost:  $110

More Info:  A summer favorite, the "team camp" is where campers will use their skills learned in weeks one and two take them to the next level. We always focus on team concepts that the varsity coaching staff has identified and areas to work on in the off-season. We have watched youth basketball at all levels and are specifically designing our drills to mirror what we would like to see on the floor in the winter next year. Areas of focus this year are chemistry, "talk," passing, and full and half court defenses. Teams are coached by all PL coaches and players who have been in, and are in our program.

Registration Link:


Level:  Grades K-2

Date(s):  July 23 - 27 2018

Time(s):  9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Cost:  $110

More Info:  Prior Lake Hoops is offering K2 for a full week this summer! Coach Bob Schweim, his players and staff will finish the summer camp circuit with a camp designed for the Little Laker that is just learning the game of basketball. Boys will be introduced to the program, the coaches, and feel what it's like to be part of our summer program.

For five mornings, players will have fun learning fundamental skills necessary to step up to the next level and to enjoy our game. Passing, dribbling, footwork, and simple shooting drills will be stressed along with fun games which utilize those skills. Emphasis is on fundamentals, so actual competitive games will be kept light, fun, and used in short sessions.

Our camp will be limited to the first 60 players who sign up. Grainwood is a beautiful gym for a K2 camp, has six adjustable hoops and two full side courts perfect for our needs, but we can't exceed 60 for the purpose of player-coach ratio similar to our older camps. If we have an abundance of requests exceeding 60, we will run a second session later in the day.

The cost of camp is $110 and will include a camp t-shirt. If you have any specific concerns about camp or wish to share information on your son, please contact Coach Schweim at

We look forward to seeing our future Lakers!

Registration Link:


Level:  Grades 7 - 12

Date(s):  August 13 - 16, 2018

Time(s):  6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Cost:  $80

More Info:   At the end of each summer, the Prior Lake Hoops program will offer the Power and Precision Week. This training is offered to players who are in the program already as well as limited openings for players who haven't played on a team. Athletes who register are asked to be at either the intermediate or advanced skill levels. The purpose of this training is to allow players to play both the perimeter and inside positions, as young basketball players are often "told" they are a post, wing or guard. In the end, if our players learn the skills needed for all positions, they make themselves well-rounded and valuable at any spot on the floor, and they understand the team concept in a motion offense.

One hour per night, ALL players will work big men skills. Another hour, they will work perimeter skills. For a half hour in-between, they will concentrate on correct shooting mechanics and get a large number of shots off, improving on accuracy and game-speed form.

The drills and games will be challenging, as the majority of players are at a mid to high level already, and the coaches will create an intense, fun atmosphere, getting our athletes ready for fall leagues, tryouts, and the winter basketball season. All program players are encouraged to attend, as this week incorporates advanced concepts we use at the varsity level. Grades 7-9 are coached by the Varsity and Sophomore staff, and grades 10-12 are coached by our 9th grade coaches and skilled volunteers who help throughout the year with the varsity program.

Registration Link:


P.L.A.Y. Basketball

Prior Lake Lakers Girls Basketball Camps

Summer 2018 Laker Boys' Basketball Camps

2018 Laker Boys Summer Basketball camp registration is located at

Dates are as follows:

June 11th-15th - Fundamentals Camp

June 18th- 21st - Scoring Camp

June 25th- 29th - Team Camp

July 23rd-July 27th - Little Laker Camp

August 13th-August 16th- Power and Precision Camp


MN Timberwolves & Lynx Basketball Academy


Prior Lake High School

7575 150th St West

Savage, MN 55378

Date & Time TBD

Summer 3 on 3 League/Clinic

Midwest 3 on 3 has it's Prior Lake Summer League in August.  Go to for more details and to register your team.
Wear Out the Net:
The staff at Wear Out the Net Basketball Academy is gearing up for a great summer of camps. They offer skill, perimeter and post as well as shooting and scoring camps. They have camps for K-12. Go to their website at or call Randy or Jill Erickson at 952-469-5513.
Hoopology University
Hoopology will be conducting their mini-camps and competitive ball handling camps in Prior Lake this year. Space is limited to only 10 per session so please enroll early!
Please contact Bryan Blascziek at (952) 239-9836 with any questions or visit their website for registration information and specific dates, times and locations based on your child’s age.