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Code of Conduct


P.L.A.Y. has created these "Code of Conduct Pledges" for the express purpose of ensuring a safe and educational arena for our communities' youth sports programs. By signing the registration form, or discussing it in team meetings we (as parents, coaches, and participants) agree to adhere to these pledges and their purposes and understand the consequences of our actions.

The one area of Youth athletics that must never be compromised is the enjoyment of the game for the players. Adults must always acknowledge that the purpose of the youth participating is to learn, enjoy and give their best efforts while honoring the game and all involved in that game, including the opponent and officials.

** Please share this information with your children **

We read and hear too often about a parent or coach take things to a different level without the best interest of the player - either yours or an opponents. When Winning becomes first and the Players second - the coach, participant or parent have lost sight of the right reasons for athletics. Stay in control and do the right thing - not the thing that may allow you to win at all costs. We are all LAKERS in this program.

The following Code of Conduct and Pledges will be adhered to by all participants and fans throughout the program.

Code of Conduct Pledges

REPORT AN INCIDENT ! - - use the form below to report

*If there is an issue with the Code of Conduct or  a Pledge that has been violated, it is the duty of those that have seen or been involved in the issue to submit a note to the Coach and/or the Coordinator or VP of that Sport to have an opportunity to gather some information and properly rule. Parents and Coaches are the eyes and ears of P.L.A.Y. Being a volunteer organization means we all need to be involved - Don't rely on someone else to 'monitor' situations.

In an email to the Coach and/or Grade Coordinator or Director level - please reference the following:

  • Date -Sport - Team/Age/Grade - Coach
  • Report on the incident itself  'what happened - you can be brief at this point– names of those involved – and who else may have seen the incident. If an issue wanes more than 48 hours - it will lose its effectiveness of reporting.

All issues will go through the Sports Boards for their recommendation and ruling. 

Thanks for being Proactive  - P.L.A.Y. Executive Board