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2018 In-House Volleyball Registration is now Closed

Registration for the 2019 season opens May 2019


VP of Volleyball  - Jill Niesen 

Coach/Player Development Instructor - OPEN

In-House Director - OPEN

In-House Coordinator for 1st/2nd grade - Leah Bulver, Ryan Wagner

In-House Skills Instructor for 3rd/4th grade - OPEN

In-House Skills Instructor for 5th/6th grade - OPEN

In-House Skills Instructor for 7th/8th grade - OPEN

3/4 grade In-House Coordinator -  Dana Domalgaski

5/6 grade In-House Coordinator - Lindsey Green

7/8 Grade In-House Coordinator- Lindsey Green

Dear Parents/Players,


Volunteer coaches are critical to the success of any program.  Our 3rd thru 8th grade In-House program provides a fantastic opportunity for volunteer coaches to learn, right along with the kids! Over the coming years we are counting on this pool of coaches to follow their kids into the Traveling program, or the 7th and 8th grade In-House program.  If you enjoy working with kids please consider volunteering to coach with the In-House Volleyball program.

In-House Volleyball:
The PLAY In-House Volleyball Program is designed to teach girls from grades 1-8 the skills of playing volleyball, while making it fun so the girls want come back the next year.  Following is a bit more information about the In-House program at the various grade levels:

1st/2nd Grade - This grade level will run for 6 weeks starting in September.  This level is a great way to introduce your child to volleyball.  The players will be introduced to many skills while having a lot of fun!  The players will be using Volley Lite volleyballs.

3rd/4th Grade -
This grade level will run from early September through end October. Players are taught many skills and drills and learn the need for developing these skills. Most 3rd/4th graders will come out of this being able to serve overhand!  There are approximately 12 dates they meet and will primarily be on Tuesday & Thursday evenings. Since this is primarily a developmental program there will be mostly practices – with a scrimmage and game thrown into the end of the season, to allow the girls to experience and use their skills learned. 

5th/6th Grade
Very much like 3rd/4th –  The primary focus here is on fundamentals and learning the rules of the game. There will be approximately 16 dates at this level and these too will be Tuesday and Thursday.

7th/8th Grade
An In-House program is offered for 7th/8th graders that focuses on further developing skills and playing games.

Please direct specific questions to the directors whose contact information is located on the individual sports board links which can be found by clicking on ‘Board’ which appears on the left side of the screen.