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Below are important dates for the Girls and Boys LAX program. Visit here often for updates.





If you have any general questions, comments, interested in coaching/asst. coaching or just helping out please send an email to:

Steve Sazama

Vice President of Lacrosse

Ryan Sandell

Director of Girls Lacrosse

Kristin DeBoer

Director of Boys Lacrosse

Katie Beaulieu

Director of P.L.A.Y. Lacrosse Tournament

Sarah Kallberg

Girls Equipment Manager

Dan Kallberg

Boys Equipment Manager

PLYouthLax P.L.A.Y. Lacrosse PLYouthLax
2019-2020 Season Birthday Team Level Chart

2020-2021 Season Birthday Team Level Chart

Other Opportunities


This site lists items lost or found after practice or games.

P.L.A.Y. Summer LAX At A Glance

Boys LAX

Girls LAX

Ever Wonder What Your US Lacrosse Membership Does For You?

US Lacrosse has a network of 64 regional chapters around the country that help support local youth organizations.  For a copy of a Boys or GIrls Youth Guidebook, or an Equipment Fitting Guide, please click on the link :

** US LAX # Issues? = Try this.

For verifying US Lacrosse numbers, please ensure you are following these guidelines when going to register:

  • Ensure that you are typing in the full US Lacrosse Number, including any strings of zeros, and not copy-pasting the number in.
  • Make sure that the First NameLast NameDate of Birth, and ZIP code fields entered in the registration match EXACTLY what US Lacrosse has on file (i.e. if you child goes by Joe but US Lacrosse has Joseph on file, enter Joseph).