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Feb 24 Positive Coaching/Parenting Meeting

By Randy Geister, 03/03/13, 1:30PM CST


P.L.A.Y has been working with - Positive Coaching Alliance -

On Sunday Feb. 24th, PCA Speaker Kathy Toon, NCAA College Coach gave those that attended great information and insight into youth athletics "Mental Game".

There have been many positive responses to her message and delivery, as just over 100 coaches and sport leaders attended. Some of our High School Coaches attended as well, showing support for this type of information.
Some of the take-aways she offered information on were:
1. High Road Model - A challenge vs a problem
2. Goal Setting - Teams and Players with goals can acheive more!
3. Visualization - Using the time away from practice/games to improve
4. Get ready Routines - How do we prepare for practice/games
5. High Road Self Talk & High Road Behavior - in game (stand up/ head up)

As a Coach - to implement all of these areas - it may mean you start your "Mental Game" practice at 6:00, followed by your field or court time from 6:30-8pm. Use 30 extra minutes on either side of practice times. Or gather and use a time for all players to work on goals. One thing I keep hearing from many coaches is - we don't get enough practice time. Using some of this information in non-court time will add to your team abilities and test you as a coach, to how good can you be.

While a good number of coaches and leaders attended a great event - we need more in the P.L.A.Y. membership and our community sports to take a look at this type of program as a gauge of how we want to out perform the competition not only on the fields and courts and rinks but also as developing young leaders to be the future of Sports.
When we team up as Parents and Coaches to direct youth athletics with conviction to ALL youth athletes needs the wins are more than just on the scoreboard.
Leave our youth with a good experience in sports and they will take those life lessons and memories into their lives.
We hope you will attend the next PCA event and look forward to helping your child and the teams you may lead. Need Informaetion ask your Sport Directors or Coaches.
Go Lakers!!

** PCA Branch Office coming to Minnesota in the next 6 months!! - They are currently gathering PCA Minnesota board Members and will then begin to work with the youth organizations throughout Minnesota.**

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