Volunteer Information

Practices will be led by a professional coach who will Introduce activities, lead demonstrations and divide the team into small groups that will rotate through various activities every practice. The Lead Instructor may circulate through the entire practice to offer specialized coaching and refinement to all team members.

Parent volunteers will be responsible for one activity each practice and will run that activity for each small group that rotates through their station. The main responsibilities will be “feeding” or tossing balls, keeping drills and games organized and pointing out any key points highlighted during demonstrations. Volunteer time commitment will be dependent on the number of volunteers available.

Being a parent volunteer will be a great way to learn the basics of how you can play tennis as a family as well as help players practice on their own time.

P.L.A.Y Tennis Staff

  1. VP of Tennis -  Jay Breimhorst
  2. Professional Tennis Coach - Mark Bowles
  3. Introduction & Fundamental Level Coordinator - Open
  4. Academy & Advanced Level Coordinator - Open


We will be needing Parent Volunteers to help with coordinating and coaching  !!!

P.L.A.Y Tennis Coach: Mark Bowles

Coach Mark is a professional tennis coach that works with many varsity level players in the Prior Lake and Lakeville. He brings his expertise to the program and leads all on court activities with the goal of developing solid fundamental tennis players from an early age.

Group Level Coordinators: Help VP of Tennis recruit & schedule parent volunteers and support the Tennis Coach during practices sessions. Also assist parents who may have questions along the way.


Parent On-Court Volunteers: Parent Volunteers will assist by leading drills/games after a demonstration from the Coach and have 4-6 kids per group .  Coach will demonstrate drills and also circulate to offer specific coaching to all groups. On-court volunteers will be mostly responsible for teaching and reinforcing the skills necessary for that drill or game.