Program Description

The PLAY tennis program is being relaunched in the summer of 2021. It will be an outdoor non-traveling clinic based program to help learn the game of tennis, refine skills, and introduce tennis match play for those interested. 

The program will be run by a professional Tennis coach while also depending on on-court parent volunteers to assist with drills. Parent volunteers will be vital to help maximize the real time feedback and repetitions for each player.

Clinics will focus on tennis fundamentals through individual drills and small group activities while creating a sense of teamwork within the larger group. The Coach will keep practices fresh utilizing a variety of drills and simulated games creating a sense of familiarity and confidence keeping young players interested and engaged. 

Finer Details

PLAY Tennis will be a progressive program that starts with small courts and decompressed balls allowing for growth and development of basic tennis skills. Red (Level 1) and Orange (Level 2) balls will be used along with variable court configurations which will change as playing levels improve. This method is similar to using Tees for baseball, shorter hoops in basketball or smaller field sizes in soccer. 

Participants will learn basic fundamentals such as footwork, watching the ball, scoring, playing singles and most importantly keeping a positive attitude. Doubles and match play will be introduced as players get more experience.