Vice President of Cheerleading: This person would oversee all of the Cheerleading directors and coordinators and the overall running of the Cheereleading program. The VP would be responsible for filling all vacant cheerleading positions and clarifying job descriptions for each of them. He /she would also be responsible for finalizing registration information, staffing the in-person registration and getting on-line registration information to the directors.

Director of Cheerleading: This person would report to the VP of Cheer.

* helping VP with registration
* signing up team(s) for the appropriate leagues and getting proper paperwork to girls regarding try-outs and league requirements
* organizing and implementing a try-out session if needed
* forming teams and assigning coaches to each team
* notifying equipment coordinator of equipment needs
* planning and facilitating an end of season meeting

Uniform/Equipment Coordinator: He/she would be responsible for: ordering, purchasing, delivering and storing all volleyball equipment. responsible for:

* ordering uniforms
* planning for team photos

Routine Coordinator: This person would report to the Cheerleading VP and would oversee all operations for the in-house program. Specifically he/she would be responsible for:

* providing training and an informational meeting for coaches
* Assist in Development of routines and their implementation at events