Our Program NEEDS you ! USTA would like to join us and help continue in the growth our Tennis program!  To do so we need ADDITIONAL volunteers!

1. VP of Tennis - Open

2. 1st - 4th grade Coordinator - Open

3. 5th - 8th grade Coordinator - Open

4. School/USTA liason promotions - Joseph Larsen

5. Equipment and Court Maintenance - Open

6. Player Development Director - Open

Please send Volunteer inquiries to: Alecia Hanson-Gronneberg

VP of Tennis - P.L.A.Y. Sports

Coach Information

Previous Coach Bessire had decided to resign from his positon as he is from Waconia and found commuting and caring for his children and family life difficult to continue. He was grateful for his time and experience with P.L.A.Y. as we were with his efforts and dedication.

Coach Braden Johnson who played High School and College Tennis as well as having some HS Coaching experience was available and willing to take on the task of Leading the Tennis program in short order. We welcome Coach and hope that with the help of Volunteers we will be able to continue the program.