Parent Volunteers Needed!

We will be needing Parent Volunteers to help with coordinating and coaching during the 2018 Season !!!

Volunteer Opportunities

Coordinator: We are looking for a coordinator to assist with organizing and planning for the upcoming season and ongoing equipment needs.

Parent Coaches: We are looking for parent coach volunteers to assist our Lead Instructor. That Lead will instruct the parents on what they will be doing each night. There will also be 1-3 other HS Tennis players there to assist you. Once a drill or skill is taught to players and coaches, you will be responsible for teaching and reinforcing the skills necessary for that drill or game. You will be placed in the same group as  your child.

There will be a parent meeting to help understand your roles in this process - You DO NOT need to know how to coach Tennis to make this work. 

P.L.A.Y. Tennis Partners with USTA

P.L.A.Y. Tennis

P.L.A.Y has partnered with the USTA for the 2nd season to create an innovative program, specifically designed to include parent coaches.  We have are excited to expand and refine our program in the 2017 season.

P.L.A.Y. is a volunteer organization that relies on parents and interested parties to make a program go and grow! We are thrilled to be able to offer Tennis and now “Parent-eers” can step up to serve up tennis to those in the Prior Lake - Savage school district!



Junior Tennis Racket Size

Many have been asking about the correct sizes for your youth players as it pertains to your tennis racket.  Each individual is different depending on size, strength, and ability level, but mostly it follows these guidelines.

3-4 yrs old: 19" racket

4-6 yrs old: 21" racket

6-7 yrs old: 23" racket

8-14 yrs old: 25" racket

14 and Up: 27" racket (adult size)

There are changes in grip size, mainly at the 25" and 27" racket, but those are determined by comfort in having a larger handle or smaller handle.