Vice President of SoftballThis is the principle operational position for Softball. This individual will oversee all Directors and Coordinators on a regular basis during the season. This individual will have ultimate responsibility for:

* interface with community, including High School Softball program
* recruit and/or appoint Directors and Coordinators
* registration
* program budget (along with V.P. of Spring / Summer Sports)
* communicate with other programs outside of P.L.A.Y. to develop inter-league and tournament play
* answer all participant and parent questions directed to V.P., as well as those not handled by Directors or Coordinators
* work closely with V.P. of Spring / Summer Sports and Softball Board to set program direction, both present and future, keeping executive board informed on state of the program through communication with the VP of Spring/Summer Sports
* set and host meetings for season-beginning, season end and all others deemed necessary by the situation
* assist program directors with misc. needs such as: team photos, awards and trophies, etc

Tournament Coordinator

Responsible for all communications inside and outside of P.L.A.Y. regarding the Shake the Lake tournament, team registrations, schedules, rules, and coordinating timeframes with the Concessions Coordinator.

Reports to Director of Travel Softball

Director – Traveling Softball: Direct report to V.P. of Softball; Responsible all traveling teams (accept coaching appointments) include:

* reports to V.P. of Softball
* parent communications, including directions, welcome letter, etc.
* coordinate travel schedules
* insure player evaluations and assignments are fair and equitable

* recruit and appoint traveling coaches
* oversee uniform and equipment requirements, communicate with

* oversee tournaments hosted by the Travel Program

Grade Level Coordinators:

* chief operational position for each grade level
* reports to Director of either Traveling or In-House
* assignment and placement of coaches and players to teams (3rd thru 8th)
* work closely with Director of Traveling / In-House Softball to insure program-wide goals and policies are being properly created and enforced
* arrange for a weekly time for coaches meetings
* work directly with coaches and parents to answer questions, resolve issues and communicate policy
* assist in registration, equipment needs and tournaments

Concessions Coordinator

Responsible for scheduling, purchasing and sales of items concession items.

Director – In-House SoftballDirect report to V.P. of Softball. Responsible for all In-House Softball programs. A Coordinator from each level will report directly to this position. Responsibilities include:

* reports to V.P. of Softball
* parent communications
* help with registration, equipment and set key meetings for program
* oversee assignment and placement of coaches and players to teams
* communicate with tournament coordinator
* insure that program rules, guidelines and policies are clearly understood, communicated and enforced
* set in-house championship dates and times
* work with equipment coordinator
* asses program needs and communicate with V.P of Softball
* create (along with Coordinators and V.P. of Softball) group training and development.

Equipment Coordinator
* insure that teams, coaches and players are working together and that resources, including coaching resources, are evenly distributed throughout the program
* work with Head Coaches to develop “best practices” in terms of skill development and fundamentals
* help with registration, equipment and set key meetings for program
* communicate with tournament coordinator

Umpire Coordinator: Responsible for finding, scheduling, communicating with and overseeing payment of umpires.