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In-House Basketball Referee Information


Being a P.L.A.Y. Ref is really another P.L.A.Y. Program

Refs are people too!
In fact, they are your neighbor and live in Prior Lake or Savage, mostly High Schoolers, many of them are former P.L.A.Y. athletes that are looking to stay active in the game and learn a new trait.

These officials are providing an inexpensive service to our program in an important role for the entirety of the game. PLAY thinks of these officials as a good example for the younger kids they officiate, giving them an opportunity to develop just like the players on the floor.

Our officials make a minimal amount, yet are willing to try their best at interacting and helping the program. Treat these officials as if they were your child.  Because that may be your child if they are interested in staying in the game or learning a trait to take to college or beyond. Officials learn to make quick and proper decisions, and be positive and in charge while learning to deal with rejection.  The PLAY officials program has been in effect for over 10 years and has helped to develop at least 2 High School Officials and a number of college intramural officials as well as leaders in our schools.

There should always be an adult official supervisor in the building during game days. The officials can turn to them for questions or issue resolution.

Thank officials for their efforts. Without them, games are not possible!

Enjoy the game!

Young officials are also used in Baseball, Softball, Football, and Lacrosse.