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Traveling Basketball - Grades 4th-8th

Travel Basketball Player Commitment Guidelines and Consequence Chart

Basketball is a team sport and team unity is key for a positive successful athletics experience. As such, each player has an obligation to their teammates to be accountable for team requirements. Participation is a privilege. During Basketball Season, the Travel Basketball Team should take precedence over all other extra-curricular activities. The season runs from October through March, or until season tournaments end.

The Travel Basketball Board asks that each parent and player read, understand and sign the 'Player Commitment Guidelines' form prior to the team's first practice.   

Any behavior detrimental to the team or P.L.A.Y. not covered by these documents may be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the P.L.A.Y. Code of Conduct signed by all players as a part of the basketball registration process.

2017-2018 Travel Basketball Reminders

     The travel basketball practice schedule is posted under the 'Practice Schedule' tab.   

     All travel teams will be off the week of Dec. 24-Jan. 1.  No practices or games will be scheduled.  PLAY has set this aside as 'Winter Black-out Week'.   The penalty for organizing practices/games during Black-out week will be that the Head Coach will not be allowed to Coach within P.L.A.Y. for 1 yr. implemented immediately. 

        Thank you for getting your children involved in basketball again this year!  We are looking forward to another great season.



Reminder-  Please follow the proper communication progression for any specific team/player inquiries by first going to your coach, the proper Boys or Girls Traveling Coordinator, Director of Traveling, VP of Basketball and then the P.L.A.Y. Director.  Most questions and concerns can be handled at the team level and do not require escalation.  For those situations where further conversation is needed, others are prepared to engage as needed.


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Trevor Knutson

VP of Basketball

Clint McCullough

Director of Traveling Basketball

Sarah Lehnert

Girls Coordinator

Alecia Hanson-Gronneberg

Boys Coordinator