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Winter Lacrosse Clinic Registrations Now Open!


If you have any general questions or comments or are interested in coaching, asst. coaching or just helping out please send an email to:

Becky Bickett, VP of Lacrosse

Ryan Sandell, Director of Girls Lacrosse

Rob Bloomer, Director of Boys Lacrosse

Stephanie Herrmann-Stevenson, Director of In-House Lacrosse

Additional contacts are listed on the Lacrosse Board page.


2018 Boys Lacrosse Planning


Thank you to all of you who took the time to help shape the future of our PLAY Boys Lacrosse program by taking the surveys, attending the townhall meeting and reaching out to have conversations with Board members. 105 families completed the most recent survey, which represents more than half of our boys families. We’ve read every word of every comment and although you don’t all agree on how this program should progress, there are some definite themes that have emerged.


  • 57% of you say that skill development is the most important thing, followed by coaching at 45%
  • While 52% of you said an attendance policy was important, 65% said it was very important for A teams.
  • 62% of you said we need smaller roster sizes with tighter attendance policy at all levels and 60% of said that you’d prefer to have practice three times a week for your child.  (Although many believe four nights a week is appropriate for A teams.)
  • At the 14U level, families seem excited about the travel team proposal, but would like to see it not conflict with existing club team schedules and be a cost-effective option. Those playing club lacrosse indicated they will continue to do so.  At the 12U level, a high percentage said they’d have their son try out, but we didn’t see as much conflict with club teams at this level.

Given these findings, the current plan for 2018 Boys Lacrosse is as follows:

Spring tryouts will take place for all teams. We will not have a fall tryout. A determination will be made in the spring about one or two A teams. 


The month of May will consist of group training sessions at all levels.  These will include position-specific training, as well as overall skills and team building. Positions do not need to be set. Every player will be doing all positional stations for overall development. Example, Long Poles will do offensive stations to grow stick skills, Attack/Mids will be doing defensive drills to work on footwork and positioning.


The week of July 4th will be, as always, a blackout week for lacrosse. There will be no practices scheduled that week and we will work with YLM to try to avoid make-up games that week.


12U and 14U:
A teams will practice four times per week. They will have three tournaments: The Prior Lake Tournament, a regional tournament such as SotaLax and an out of state tournament such as Lax Bash in Kansas City.  There will be a slightly higher cost for this team due to the additional tournament. A commitment to the team will be expected, which means an attendance policy will be in place.  There will be a certain number of allowed absences followed by a 1 miss = sit half a game policy for unexcused absences. 


B teams will practice three times per week and will play in the Prior Lake Tournament and an additional local tournament. Any fee increase over 2017 will be minimal to primarily cover the cost of new uniforms.  They will also have an attendance policy which allows a certain number of absences throughout the season.  


8U and 10U:
These levels will practice two or three nights per week.  They will play in the Prior Lake Tournament and one additional local tournament. Any fee increase over 2017 will be minimal to primarily cover the cost of new uniforms. There will not be a formal attendance policy at this level.  


Roster Sizes
We will do our best to form smaller teams, but in order to do so, will need commitment from families that they do their best to attend practices and games so as not to cause a hardship for their teams. 


14U A and 12U A will have paid coaches only, with parents assisting as needed, and as determined by paid coaches.

8U, 10U, 12U B and 14U B  teams will have both paid and parent coaches, as in the past.  

A higher focus will be spent on coach training in the coming months, and on skills development at all levels. 


Any questions can be directed to the following:



More information on the lacrosse season can be found on:

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Boys Travel Page

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